Racing legend Emmerson Fittipaldi

January 25, 2017

Emerson Fittipaldi, the racing legend who has won Indy 500 and Formula One championships is now a brand ambassador for Garia, the Scandinavian golf car brand that has more in common with a luxury car than a typical golf cart.

Garia offers luxury details such as a refrigerator, sport seats, and dual-wishbone suspension, which makes for superior handling and a smooth ride. Fittipaldi says of his Garia, “With everything I know about racing, everything I know about cars, you realize there is big heritage from the automotive industry in a Garia. The grip, the design of the steering wheel, the details on the dashboard, the seats, the comfort. It feels like a car, not a golf cart. And that’s what makes all the difference.”

Anders Lynge, Co-Founder of Garia says, “At Garia we have always taken pride in the quality of our cars. We look to the best luxury cars when designing Garia products, and that is what makes a Garia, a Garia”.

Jakob Holstein, Garia CEO, says “We are honored to have such an esteemed member of the racing community such as Emerson Fittipaldi onboard with Garia. It’s a great partnership as we share the same passion for cars and motor racing.”

Fittipaldi resides in Key Biscayne, Florida an area known for its large golf cart population. “The Garia is perfect for Key Biscayne. I can take it everywhere, even to go shopping. Every family here has a golf cart as a car to use in the community, and I feel safer in the Garia than any other golf car.” 

Emerson Fittipaldi drives the 6-seater Garia Courtesy, in a Sapphire blue metallic finish, complete with refrigerator and Oak sport seats. 

Garia will be launching an online shop ( which offers their complete lineup of cars available for purchase, including a 6-seater Courtesy model, similar to Fittipaldi’s.

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Fittipaldi’s Garia Courtesy Car Specs:

 12” Chrome Wheels

 Walnut Sport Seats

 Sapphire Blue Metallic Finish


 Automotive style shocks and springs

 Gloss black rear mudguards

 Entry panels in brushed stainless steel

 Self-retracting automotive turn signal stalk operating lights, turn signals and horn

 Hi/Lo Bi-Halogen headlights, E-mark certified

 E-mark certified tail lights

 Windshield - automotive safety glass.

 Storage space under front bonnet, fitted with electric lock

 Hazard lights

 Flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with hand-sewn black genuine  leather

 Standard bench seat, oak, walnut or Cherry

 Ergonomically placed direction selector

Hot dip galvanized steel frame

 Scorecard and penholder on steering wheel

 Golf ball and tee holder mounted on dashboard

 Two storage compartments in dashboard

 Double cup holders for second row passengers. Fitted with rubber grip inserts, for regular and extra-large bottles and cans

 Storage room/ice box with lid mounted in dashboard

 Digital cluster with all relevant driver information

 Removable bin/storage bucket in same material as the seat

 Soft-touch automotive style dashboard

 Pre-wired GPS power outlet inside dashboard

 Off, reverse, neutral and forward gears operated by ignition key

 Hydrolink® water filler system

 LED taillights

 Reverse warning indicator

 12 V output in dashboard