Mini-Fleet at Golfcrest Country Club

June 9, 2016

Garia had the opportunity to speak with Rene Rangel, CEO of Sterling Golf Management about his Garia mini- fleet at Golfcrest Country Club, a private country club in Pearland, Texas. The course is managed by Sterling Golf Management, who own Sterling Country Club, Houston National Golf Club and manage Red Wolfe Golf. Here is what Rene had to say about his Garia mini-fleet:


How long has Garia been available at Golfcrest Country Club?

Golfcrest purchased a total of 5 cars in June 2015.  3 cars are consistently being rented out to members at Golfcrest with the other 2 cars being specially designed for use at the Texas A&M Campus course in College Station, Texas.


Which options are available for members?

Members pay a cart fee that is twice that of their standard golf car rate.  Being that the cars are rented out almost every day, it has proven to be a great asset for our members but generates more cart revenue than we ever could have earned with a standard golf car.

We make the Garia available for any prospective member looking to join.  Their first round of golf is always in a Garia and we feel as though it has really helped us sell memberships.  It makes a great first impression to say the least!


Did you have any concerns about having Garia at your Club?

Price is always a concern, but I saw the benefit of it immediately and believed in the story as told to us by Garia.  We are lucky to have an owner, Robert Steele, who give me the freedom to make business decisions and have not regretted making this choice at all.  We will be adding more cars for our course at Sterling as well as new golf course projects that we will be taking on.


What is your favorite feature about Garia cars?

It rides like no other golf cart, bar none. Once you play a round of golf in the Garia it really makes it difficult to ride in anything else.  We have a few members now that insist on only using a Garia when they play.


Would you recommend having a Garia Fleet to other clubs?

This model really does work with a little promotion on the club’s part. Once word gets out, and people try the car, it is a given that having a Premium Golf Car will work in a fleet situation. I would be happy to speak with anyone who is interested in hearing real-world results.


For more information on the benefits of a Garia fleet, watch the video here: .





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