For over a decade, golf carts have essentially been indistinguishable from one another, and paid little attention to the needs of the pro golfer. For a small group of Scandinavian designers, this realization became the stepping stone for the design of world’s most exclusive golf car, which would soon be known as the Garia.

Through innovation, research, and an unwavering passion for design, Garia has completely reimagined the traditional golf cart. Crafted from only the highest quality automotive materials, and through the most revolutionary design in the industry, Garia creates vehicles that perform even better than they look. Recognized as much for its functionality and usability as for its modern Scandinavian aesthetic, the Garia is not just your average golf cart. It’s a golf car.

Founded in 2005, Garia is a privately held company headquartered in Denmark, with a subsidiary in the U.S. and sales offices in UK and Asia Pacific. 



In 2015 Garia has expanded its business with a brand-new division called Garia Utility. Garia Utility is the manufacturer of compact electric utility vehicles - Garia Utility Park and the street legal, Garia Utility City. Both models are sold under the Garia Utility brand name, through dedicated independent distributors. Experience all about Garia's new business division Garia Utility.



As a manufacturer of zero emission electric vehicles, protecting the environment is a key factor in everything we do at Garia. 

Our cars are manufactured in Denmark in accordance with all health, safety, and environmental laws. All of our vehicles are built to be factory reconditioned and recycled for a second life. 40-60% of our production facility’s power supplied by sustainable resources, such as wind and hydro power.

It is our policy to reduce waste and emissions throughout our entire organizational and production processes. Waste is sorted and recycled when possible, and dangerous waste is treated according to EU & national standards. 

We conduct an annual assessment of internal procedures, and only select suppliers whose standards align with our own.