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As the future evolves and our lifestyle philosophies change and expand, so do our ideas of urban mobility. The Garia SuperSport offers a new solution in getting from place to place that reflects both your world and your sporty nature. In a sportscar-referenced masterpiece inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style, you can now travel with hop-in, hop-out convenience. Backdropped against stunning urban skylines or open tranquil spaces far from daily life, you can take a pleasure ride while making a statement that boasts progressive ideologies and ultimate elegance. Low on emissions, small in dimensions and big on class, it’s time to embrace something new.

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Immaculate design aesthetics bring vast refinement factors to your ride. Precise lines nod towards classic sports cars — including the peaked rear spoiler, hand-stitched steering wheel and specially designed lounge seating which give total comfort and support as you lean into each turn. From carbon fibre panels to 14” aluminium rims, you will soon be moving in utter sophistication. Did we reach the part about the built-in fridge yet? With the SuperSport, no expense has been spared.

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Teched Out, Decked Out

Tech lends itself heavily to the overall concept and driving experience of the SuperSport. At its beating heart, the vehicle is powered by lithium batteries which help to provide sublime driving acoustics, while also going beyond current standards regarding energy efficiency. Included in the SuperSport’s tech set you will find a reverse camera and an outdoor touch screen including Wi-Fi connectivity. For your tunes: speakers and an in-seat sub. When combined, these aspects of the SuperSport work to make it one of the sharpest and most sophisticated leisure vehicles on today’s market.

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Feature 1


Commemorating its origin, the “Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style” emblem is displayed on the side of the vehicle, the dashboard and the touch screen.

Feature 2


The 10.1-inch Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connected outdoor touch screen sleekly provides all the car info you may need on your city journeys. From its display, connect where and when you want, and discover graphically enhanced vehicle information with ease.

Feature 3


A statement upon the front of the vehicle, the Garia logo also makes a sensual impression on the hand-stitched steering wheel, leather backrest and rear bumper.

Feature 4


There’s no need to worry as the sun goes down. Let our well-designed energy efficient LED headlights illuminate your path.

Feature 5


The Garia SuperSport knows who it is and what it came to do: impress. With a front grill design reflecting the dimples of a golf ball, you’re ready to play—in sporty style.

Feature 6


What’s a luxury car without rims? With 14 inches of aluminium in Piano Black with diamond cut elements, you will be rolling through your days attracting attention no matter where you are.

Feature 7


When it’s warm, cool down with your favourite beverages. Courtesy of your own specially designed built-in fridge, you now have effortless access to refreshing drinks and your favourite snacks.

Feature 8


Rounding out the style legacy, Garia finishes what it started with well-designed LED tail lamps.

Feature 9


The uniquely designed ‘lounge’ style seat cocoons its occupants like no golf car before it, while boasting armrests and seatbelts for maximum safety. The spacious cabin and car-like driving position add extra elements of comfort to the driving experience.

SUPERSPORT LOGOYou can download the SuperSport brochure here

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This configurator is intended as a guide only and the designs, specifications or colors are subject to change. Consult your Garia dealer to view colors and specifications in person.

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The Garia SuperSport – Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style – is a product of passion and a design spectacle. It flaunts the Garia golf and leisure car experience with Mercedes-Benz Style, combining aesthetics with pure luxury as well as state-of-the-art electric car technology with all the premium trimmings.

  • Built-in refrigerator

  • Scoreboard displayed on integrated touch screen device

  • Tray for storing golf balls and tees

  • Hand-stitched ‘lounge’ seats

  • Waterproof genuine leather

  • Simplified design for easy handling: plus sign on accelerator pedal, minus sign on brake pedal

  • Carbon fibre roof with black leather lining and grab handles

  • Carbon fibre decorations that shape the surrounding seat and dashboard sections

  • Dual size cup-holders on both sides

  • “Mercedes-Benz Style” label on sides of the vehicle, as well as on the dashboard and touch screen

  • Garia logo is displayed on the front of the vehicle, steering wheel, seat and rear bumper

  • Street legal in the EU and US (as an LSV)

Specifications are subject to change, please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.

Integrated Wi-Fi connects the car via smartphone or local Wi-Fi hotspot. Browse directly on the touch screen and access your favorite online platforms anytime. Using built-in Bluetooth®, you can stream music through the car’s speakers.

  • Bluetooth® connection, music streaming via integrated stereo system

  • Speakers installed into the roof and seat interior

  • Onboard touchpad: 10.1 inch car style outdoor touch screen

  • Graphically enhanced vehicle information:

    • All warning symbols and announcements

    • Current power consumption

    • Remaining range

    • Vehicle speed

  • Certain drive functions can be controlled at the swipe of a finger:

    • Switchable driving modes: Golf or Street

    • Optimized operation for each mode, such as top speed, acceleration and regeneration

  • Additional touch-controlled functions include:

    • Access to vehicle settings menu

    • Odometer trip functions

    • Refrigerator On/Off and timer relay

    • Windscreen heater

    • Windscreen wiper and washer

    • Adjustable speed and regeneration settings while driving

Specifications are subject to change, please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.

The SuperSport Inspired by Mercedes-Benz Style is a car in a class of its own. Compact and quiet, the vehicle brandishes unique features such as headlights which produce a distinct, aggressive look. Highly advanced for its genre, the suspension technologies allow for a uniquely smooth driving experience, both on unpaved terrain and on the streets. The small rear spoiler restates the sporty aesthetic. The SuperSport is a useful sculpture of convenience.

  • 14-inch aluminum rims

  • Five-spoke design, black and diamond cut

  • Double wishbone front suspension, ensuring:

    • Comfortable and safe driving

    • Precision handling

  • Large front disc brakes

  • LED front and tail lamps allow good visibility at all times

  • Large, curved windscreen:

    • Windscreen heater keeps glass clear in all weather

    • Wipers with spray function

  • Electric motor:

    • 8 kW continuous power for unbeatable acceleration and top speed

    • Most powerful motor used in a serial golf cart

  • Lithium battery pack:

    • 200 amp hours/10.24 kWh

    • Largest lithium battery pack ever installed in a serial golf cart

    • Range of 50 miles

  • Carbon fiber body panels:

    • All body panels are handmade

    • Produced in Germany by Mansory, distinguished experts in carbon fiber constructions

    • Optional carbon fiber finish is available for exterior parts. In this case, the weave will meet symmetrically at the car’s center axis

Specifications are subject to change, please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.

  • Length: 97.24 inches / 2470 millimeters

  • Width: 50.00 inches / 1270 millimeters

  • Height: 66.92 inches / 1700 millimeters

  • Weight: 1146 pounds / 520 kilograms

  • Payload: up to 770 pounds / 350 kilograms

  • Top speed:

    • EU limit: 43 mph /70 km/h

    • US limit: 25 mph (LSV max speed)

Specifications are subject to change, please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.