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An Unparalleled Driving Experience

Introducing the Kith & TaylorMade for Garia Via 2+2, a game-changer in the world of golf cars. This isn't just a vehicle; it's a masterpiece that merges high-performance engineering with cutting-edge design.

With a Garia, you're not just driving on the golf course—you're experiencing a ride that's been inspired by the finest automobiles, opening up a new realm of possibilities and driven by pure passion.

Street legal as either a Personal Transportation Vehicle (PTV) or a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV), the Garia is more than just a means of getting around your neighborhood—it's a statement.

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Comfort is an Art Form

From headlight to tail light, every element of the Garia is a masterpiece curated for an exceptional driving experience. With your comfort as our muse, we've meticulously crafted each detail, creating a car that not only meets your needs but also enchants with features you'll fall in love with.

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Luxury is a Destination

Garia is the epitome of sophistication and innovation with zero-emission driving, opening up a world of new possibilities for the discerning adventurer. Experience the freedom of extended outings with absolute comfort, surrounded by plush amenities designed for the elite. Revel in superior handling and unparalleled stability, ensuring every journey is as smooth and refined as your lifestyle demands.

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Integrating With the Outside World

In Garia’s integrated cabins, every detail is a testament to intentionality and meticulous craftsmanship. Each Garia model boasts the largest cabin in its class, complete with a sport steering wheel, cup holders, and an expansive instrument cluster offering comprehensive driver information.

The Garia Via models further enhance safety and comfort with 3-point seatbelts on forward-facing seats and 2-point seatbelts at the rear. The 2+2 seating configuration provides ample space for two additional passengers and incorporates cleverly designed storage space beneath the rear seats, ensuring that convenience and elegance travel hand in hand.

Exclusive Special Features

Exclusively offered in a limited edition, the Kith & TaylorMade for Garia Via 2+2 stands as a pinnacle of bespoke craftsmanship. Adorned in a distinctive metallic dark green hue, juxtaposed with a pristine white roof structure and interior accents, this masterpiece exudes unparalleled elegance.

Step inside to discover the epitome of luxury, where tan colored Design Seats adorned with Ivory stitching and exclusive Kith logos create an opulent ambiance. The satin grey dashboard panel, embellished with the bespoke “KITHMADE” logo, adds a touch of sophistication to the interior.

Rolling on sleek satin black 12” aluminum wheels, this elite vehicle not only boasts style but also functionality, featuring a built-in refrigerator and a state-of-the-art golf bag carrier system at the rear.

With its limited availability, the Kith & TaylorMade for Garia Via 2+2 promises an experience reserved for the discerning few who appreciate the finer things in life.

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Exterior Features

  • Lockable front bonnet with storage space
  • Black roof panel with air scoop
  • All LED head and tail lamps
  • Gloss black mudguards front and rear
  • Horn
  • Custom green metallic exterior paint, glossy finish
  • White Package exterior (white roof, side brackets, rear bumper trim)
  • 12” Design 5, satin black with diamond cut rims
  • +2 rear end configuration with golf bag carrier system
  • Side view mirrors

Interior Features

  • Refrigerator integrated into dashboard
  • Storage area under rear seat
  • Golf ball and tee holder mounted on dashboard
  • USB outlet in dashboard
  • Leather sports steering wheel with scorecard and pen holder
  • Double cup holders in each side with rubber grip inserts
  • Soft-touch automotive style dashboard
  • Entry panels in brushed stainless steel
  • Custom Satin grey dashboard decoration panel with “KITHMADE” logo
  • White Package interior (steering wheel, armrests, pedals)
  • White Premium Instrument Cluster
  • Unique Design Seats in Natur Tan artificial leather with Ivory stitching. Custom KITH logos on each backrest
  • Rear view mirror with integrated rear view Camera when reversing
  • Seatbelts on all seats (3-point for forward facing, 2-point for rearward facing)
  • Speed switch with ECO and SPORT drive-mode


  • Bluetooth stereo system with Subwoofer
  • Lithium Battery (two sizes:120Ah / 180 Ah)

Features and options are subject to change. Please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.


  • Overall length: 2800 mm / 110”
  • Overall width: 1210 mm / 48” (excl. mirrors)
  • Overall width: 1540 mm / 58” (incl. mirrors)
  • Overall height: 1850 mm / 73”
  • Track width front: 900 mm / 35”
  • Track width rear: 1000 mm / 39”


  • Motor: High efficient 3-phase AC motor
  • Output rating: 3 kW (4 Hp)
  • Peak power: 11 kW (15 Hp)
  • Motor control unit: Curtis 375 amp
  • Batteries: Lead Acid (Lithium optional)
  • Charger: Onboard Delta Q charger 


  • Max forward speed Via LSV: 40km/h / 25 mph
  • Max forward speed Via PTV: 30km/h / 19 mph
  • Max reverse speed: 11 km/h / 6 mph
  • Range (up to): 64 km/ 40 miles (depending on speed, use, weather etc.)
  • Charge time: Approx. 7 hours (for full charge)
  • Dual-circuit hydraulic braking system on all wheels, discs on front wheels.
  • Parking brake: Automatically engaged electromagnetic parking brake
  • Speed switch (ECO / SPORT) standard


  • Frame: Premium E-Coated steel
  • Rack and pinion steering
  • Front suspension: Double wishbone suspension with automotive ball joints and coilovers
  • Rear suspension: Live rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard rod and coilovers
  • Aluminum roof structure 


  • Weight: 580kg / 1279 lbs
  • Tire size: 205-30-12
  • Payload capacity: 350 kg / 770 lbs

Specifications are subject to change. Please consult your nearest Garia Dealer.

Standard 3 years limited vehicle warranty. Consult your nearest dealer for details.