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Ryan hunter-Reay

I choose a Garia because safety is a paramount for me.

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IndyCar champion Ryan Hunter-Reay considers safety the most important feature when investing in a Golf cart.

"Safety combined with a sports car's edge and excellent craftsmanship make the Garia a perfect Golf car for me." Says Ryan.

 Ryan is not only a big appreciator of performance cars and speed but also a family man to whom safety is paramount. For this reason, he chose a six-passenger Garia Courtesy model for his residence in Florida, where he used a Golf cart to transport his family.

 "The Garia is a perfect fit for the community that we live. We use our Garia more than we do our car. The kids jump in it, and I feel like they're safe, especially compared to standard golf carts."

 While the Garia courtesy is his choice for the transportation of the five-person Hunter-Reay family around their community in Florida. The Garia Via is his choice for his tours.

 Ryan's Garia Via travels with him on his tours, and it is used as his primary transportation method when he is not in the race car.

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Both Cars have Bespoke features

"I love the option to accessorize the Garia with Mansory accessories. It's beautiful. "The Garia starts as a work of art, and then to compliment that, you have the option of going online as I did and building it out to complement your personality. It came out absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't be happier with the result". Says Ryan.

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About Ryan Hunter-Reay's Garia


Six-passenger model with fitted with 12" gun grey rims, plush sport seats and Garia Mansory accessories, which include a racing- inspired steering wheel, dashboard and side mirrors, all of which are handcrafted in carbon fiber.


A Garia Street legal model in the USA. Ryan has a 2+2 model with an (optional) refrigerator and leather seats.

You can customize your own Garia with accessories and colors that match your personality and lifestyle.

Create your Garia

We deliver Golf Carts that feel like a car, match your lifestyle, and adds joy and contentment to your daily drive. So, whether you are heading to the golf course or cruising around your community, we can build you a Garia to match the most refined taste: yours!

They say golf cart, we say golf car.

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