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Carbon fibers

Why do we use it in our Golf cars?

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Weight and Safety

Besides standing out from the crowd due to their unique look, carbon fibers are five times lighter than aluminum, which is one of the lighters metals available. If you are a fan of sports cars and performance like we are here at Garia Golf Car, you probably know that lighter cars are more stable and safer due to the power to weight ratio.

Composite is incredibly resistant, rigid and it absorbs a tremendous amount of energy. This fact can increase not only the car's durability and safety but also its performance and maneuver. Additionally, carbon is also resistant to oxidation, a plus to many Garia Golf Car customers who live close to the beach.

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Carbon fibers and Design

Design is one of Garia's core values. Our Design is timeless, sophisticated, and functional.

We brought innovative shapes to the golf cart industry, including luxurious details tuned by German car tuner Mansory and a golf cart street-legal model made entirely of carbon and inspired by Mercedes-Benz style, called SuperSport.

Another reason why we love composite is that as it can be shaped and molded easier and more efficiently than aluminum and steel, allowing our designer to have more flexibility with forms and details.

Efficiency, quality, and looks that turn heads everywhere you drive by, make carbon and Garia Golf car a perfect combination.

If you would like to know more about our Street Legal Golf car model with an entire carbon body, please access Garia SuperSport inspired by Mercedes-Benz.

Create your Garia

We deliver Golf Carts that feel like a car, match your lifestyle, and adds joy and contentment to your daily drive. So, whether you are heading to the golf course or cruising around your community, we can build you a Garia to match the most refined taste: yours!

They say golf cart, we say golf car.

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