Work Instruction 01: RELiON InSight lithium installation

February 5, 2021

Type: Work Instruction

Affected Models: Cars equipped with RELiON 100 Ah lithium battery

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

WI 00001


Installation manual for RELiON InSight batteries


This installation guide will take you through the process of installing 4 or 6 RELiON 30 Ah InSight lithium battery packages in a Garia Monaco 2+2 equipped with one single 100 Ah RELiON lithium battery pack.

Parts Information

The following parts are needed when performing the upgrade to 4 ( 120 Ah) or 6 (180 Ah) RELiON InSight lithium battery packs.

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2114361300 - Lithium battery, InSight 48V030-GC2
QTY / Vehicle: 4 / 6

Part number: U2190201000 - Harness, battery power cables L=260
QTY / Vehicle: 4 pcs. for 4 InSight batteries / 10 pcs. for 6 InSight batteries

Part number: G2190210900 - Harness, battery power cables L=500
QTY / Vehicle: 2 pcs. for 4 InSight batteries / not needed for 6 InSight batteries

Part number: G2190211000 - InSight CAN-bus with termination
QTY / Vehicle: 1

Part number: G2146300201 - Battery box, lower
QTY / Vehicle: 1

Part number: G2114700701 - Steel Bracket battery
QTY / Vehicle: 1

Part number: G1199704400 - Rivet, D4,8 D9,5 L16, Al/St, Black
QTY / Vehicle: 4

Part number: G1199100700 - Nut, M10, DIN985/ISO7040, Zn/Cr3
QTY / Vehicle: 4

Part number: G1199202500 - Washer, M10, DIN 7349
QTY / Vehicle: 2

Part number: G1199201100 - Washer, M10 DIN125 FZV
QTY / Vehicle: 2

Part number: G2114700801 - Plastic Bracket, Battery
QTY / Vehicle: 2

Part number: G1199708900 - Cover Plug, d30, Black
QTY / Vehicle: 2

Part number: G2199704900 - Cable Tie L=368
QTY / Vehicle: 3 pcs. for 4 InSight batteries / 5 pcs. for 6 InSight batteries


Instruction for accomplishment:

Time: 1.00 hours

Tools needed:

  • 5,5 mm metal drill bit
  • Socket wrench
  • Extension bar
  • 13 & 17 mm sockets
  • 13 & 17 mm wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • Torx bits size: 40
  • Hex bits sizes: 4, 5 & 6 mm
  • Rivet tool

Please notice:
Charger/converter must be programmed with correct software corresponding to installed batteries
AC-controller must be programmed with correct software corresponding to car model and installed batteries


  1. Turn ignition key to OFF position.
  2. Lift/tilt front seat base to gain access to battery pack.
  3. Turn main switch to OFF position.
  4. Shut down the 100 Ah RELiON battery pack by pressing and holding the battery power button for 7 seconds.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR Removal of 100ah lithium battery

  1. Remove front seat base by tilting forward and lifting out of hinge on seat base frame.
  2. Remove LH and RH armrests held in place by 2x bolts/side using the Torx 40 bits.

  3. Remove LH and RH backrest support brackets held in place by 4x bolts/side using the 4 mm hex bits.
    backrest bracket

  4. Remove seat frame including backrest held in place by 2x bolts/side using the 5 mm hex bits.

  5. Disconnect battery from main harness by removing the bolts on the battery positive and negative terminals. Bolt heads can be either for 13 mm wrench or 6 mm hex bit.

  6. Disconnect CAN-bus communication line from battery by unplugging connector on purple cable.
    battery connectors

  7. Remove Battery box, upper by drilling out the 4x black rivets with a 5,5 mm metal drill bit.

  8. Remove battery brackets on LH and RH side of battery by removing 2x bolts on RH side and 1x bolt in LH side of battery using 17 mm socket with extender for bolts and 17 mm wrench for nuts under car.bat brack

  9. This step is a 2 person job. Carefully tilt and rotate the battery backwards so that its lying on its side. The battery pack can now gently be lifted out of the car's battery compartment.
    bat removal


  1. Place the battery box, lower in the battery compartment. Make sure it's orientation is correct, with the cut-away top edge facing towards the motor.
  2. Check that all InSight battery packages are turned OFF before installation. If LED1 (LH indicator) is flashing green (5 sec interval) then the battery pack is ON and must be shut OFF. Follow instructions below to shut down the battery:
    Tap, release, then press and hold power button for 6s until both LEDs turn solid red, then release button and wait until battery shuts down and both LEDs are OFF.

  3. Place the RELiON InSight battery packages in the battery box so that the positive terminal is oriented towards the RH side of the car.insight install
  4. Install the battery steel bracket through holes in car floor. Fasten the bracket by using 1x G1199201100 - Washer, M10 DIN125 FZV and 1x G1199100700 - Nut, M10, DIN985/ISO7040, Zn/Cr3 on threaded part of bracket in both LH & RH side under car. Tighten nuts to 46 Nm using torque wrench and 17mm socket.

  5. Place 1x G2114700801 - Plastic bracket, battery on both LH and RH threaded pins on battery steel bracket. Carefully align all 4/6 InSight so they are centered around the plastic brackets.

  6. Install 1x G1199202500 - Washer, M10, DIN 7349 and G1199100700 - Nut, M10, DIN985/ISO7040, Zn/Cr3 on thread in plastic bracket and tighten firmly so that the batteries are held securely in place.
    Install 1x Cover plug on each plastic bracket for battery. 
    plastic bracket

  7. Install battery power cables, CAN-bus communication lines and battery temperature sensor according to the configuration guides below:
    RELiON InSight 4 battery (120 Ah) configuration
    RELiON InSight 6 battery (180 Ah) configuration

    Battery terminals must be torqued to 10 Nm by using torque wrench with 13mm socket / 6mm hex bits.

    Use zip ties to clean up and fasten the CAN-bus communication lines to top of batteries.

    Fully connected InSight 4 battery pack configuration:
    insight 4pack

  8. Reinstall upper battery box. Fasten with 4x rivets using rivet tool.
  9. Reinstall seat frame with backrest. Torque the 2x bolts/side to 23 Nm by using 5 mm hex bits.
  10. Reinstall LH and RH backrest support brackets. The two top bolts on brackets have washers only on inside of bracket. The 2 lower bolts have washers on both inside and outside of brackets.
    Torque the 4x bolts/side to 12 Nm using the 4 mm hex bits.
  11. Reinstall LH & RH side armrests. Torque the 2x bolts/side to 23 Nm by using Torx 40 bits.
  12. Reinstall front seat base by tilting forward and inserting into hinge on seat base frame.
  13. Turn main switch to ON position.
  14. Turn ON the batteries by pressing and holding the power button on one of the batteries for 5 seconds, until LED1 (LH indicator) flashes green, then release the button. The remaining InSight battery packages will automatically power on shortly after with LED1 flashing green (5 sec interval).
  15. Connect the charger cable to the car and charge your new InSight batteries to 100%.
  16. Congratulations, you have now successfully upgraded your Garia to the newest generation of lithium batteries.

    Garia Monaco 2+2 installed with 4 RELiON InSight battery packs (120 Ah)
    insight finished