Service bulletin 9 : Courtesy steel chassis plugs

July 3, 2019

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: All Courtesy steel chassis manufactured up to July

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

SB 00007


Garia A/Shas discovered that the Courtesy steel chassis asm. , if driven abusive, has a weak area by the upper front damper bracket, that may cause the chassis profiles to collapse.


Chassis plugs has been designed. These will be plugged in the chassis to enforce the stressed area.

Parts Information

The spare parts required for this repair (Chassis frame plugs) can be ordered directly at Garia.
When ordering please present the VIN of the vehicle and the chassis frame plug will be shipped free of charge.


Function numbers to be used: 
1415 - Carrying out service bulletin SB00009

Time: 0,25 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number:
 G21 617 012 00 - Chassis plug
QTY / Vehicle: 
Part number: G11 997 014 00 - Black clips (13 needed + 2 extra)  
QTY / Vehicle: 15

Tools needed:
Hammer, Plastic rivet unpin tool or thin object (nail or similar), Plastic rivet pin tool or small hammer


  1. Insert ignitions key and turn to N (Neutral)
  2. Press the “open bonnet hood” button
  3. Open bonnet hood
    SB 6 pic 1
  4. If installed – Remove (Move) the washer fluid reservoir by sliding it upwards
    SB 6 pic 2
  5. Remove the storage net in the bonnet compart­ment by pushing out the center of the 4 plastic rivet.
    SB 6 pic 3
  6. Remove the plastic in bonnet compartment - Remove the main plastic piece in the bonnet com­partment by pushing out the center of the 9 plastic rivet. Push carefully one the panel front above the light to make a extra space to get the compartment up.  
    SB 6 pic 4
  7. Mount the 2 chassis plugs by placing in the chassis correctly by hand before using a hammer (Picture only for illustration)
    SB 6 pic 7

  8.  Mount the storage net in the bonnet compartment (4 black clips)
  9. If installed - Mount the washer fluid reservoir by sliding it downwards on to the bracket
  10. In the "Quick guide and service book", under section 05- Notes, write: Service bulletin SB00007 - Chassis plugs completed - Signature, date and stamp.
  11. Close the bonnet hood.
  12. Turn ignition key to OFF