Service bulletin 8: Reinforcement of rear axle

February 13, 2013

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: Golf car MY 2010-2011

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

SB 000008


Garia A/S has discovered that the bracket on the rear axle can break off during high speed driving on rough terrain. A reinforcement-kit of u-bolts has been made to prevent this from happening.


Change the standard M12 bolts for the rear axle with M12 u-bolts

Parts Information

The spare parts required for this repair can be ordered directly at Garia, when ordering present the VIN of the vehicle.



Instruction for accomplishment:

Function numbers to be used: 

1409 - Carrying out service bulletin SB00008

Time: 0,4 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2111102100 - Trailing link reinforcement kit 
QTY / Vehicle: 1

The kit contains: 
3 pcs U-bolt for trailing link 
6 pcs Washer, M12 DIN125 FZV
6 pcs Nut, M12, DIN985/ISO7040

Tools needed:

19mm socket wrench
19mm spanner
19mm socket torque wrench
3mm hex key
4mm hex key
5mm hex key
Ball pen or a Mandrel



  1. To get access to the rear axle 

    To get access to the rear axle the rear floor have to be removed
    On cars with 2+2 rear seat the seat must be removed to get access to the floor. 
    Unscrew the M12 screws that holds seat belt buckles using a 19mm socket wrench.
    SB 8 pic 1 

  2. Unscrew the 2 M12 screws placed in each side under the floor mat using a 19mm socket wrench. Notice that a steel bracket will fall off underneath the car.
    SB 8 pic 2

  3. Unscrew the 4 screws just above the rear bumper using a 3mm hex key and remove the rear seat.
    SB 8 pic 3

  4. For cars without rear seats, start by removing the grey trim list using a 3mm hex key to unscrew the 4 screws.
    SB 8 pic 4

  5. Remove the service hatch by unscrewing the 2 screws using a 5mm hex key
    SB 8 pic 5
  6. Remove the 2 inner side panels by unscrewing the 3 screw in each side using a 4mm hex key (the screw is placed under the floor carpet). Punch out the 4 pins in each side using a ball pen or a Mandrel.
    SB 8 pic 6

  7. Remove the floor
    SB 8 pic 7

  8. Install the u-bolt in the left side
    Lift the car's rear end to remove any tension on the rear axle.
    Unscrew the two M12 bolts and nuts that holds the trailing link and rear axle together using at 19mm socket wrench and spanner.
    SB 8 pic 8

  9. Install the u-bolt as shown on the picture and tightening the nuts with 80Nm. Be sure to tighten the 2 nuts equally
    SB 8 pic 9

    torque reqried

  10. Install the u-bolt in the right side ( 1 or 2 U-Bolt depending on model year*)

    Repeat the process on the cars right side on both the bracket for the trailing arm and Panhard-rod*.
    (*If the Panhard-rod is welded on, then you only mount U-bolts on the tralinglink - and there for only using 2 of the 3 U-Bolts)

    SB 8 pic 10

    torque reqried

    Tightening the nuts with 80Nm. Be sure to tighten the 2 nuts equally.

  11. In the "Quick guide and service book", under section “Notes”, write: Service bulletin SB00008 - Reinforcement of rear axle completed - Signature, date and stamp.