Service bulletin 5: 32v fuse replacement

October 25, 2018

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: All Models built prior to 2019.

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

SB 0005


Garia A/S has discovered a risk with the fuses F15 and F17 these fuses are only rated to 32V and not 58V. 
This could result in higher than normal temperatures in the fuse box.  


Inspect cars from 2015 to October 2018 to see if bulletin applies.  
Check the fuse box label in the lid of the fuse box, if F15 and F17 says 58V.
If not proceed with the bulletin.
F15 fuse needs to be replaced with a 5 amp @ 58 volts fuse (5A/58V)
F17 fuse needs to be replaced with a 5 amp @ 58 volts fuse (5A/58V)
Fuse F 14 need to be updated - Please read Recall Bulletin RB 0001

Parts Information

The spare parts required for this repair can be ordered directly at Garia, when ordering present the VIN of the vehicle and the fuses will be shipped free of charge.


Instruction for accomplishment:

Function numbers to be used: 

1518 - Carrying out service bulletin SB 0005

Time: 0,2 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number: G11 994 005 00 - Mini blade fuse 5A/58V
QTY / Vehicle: 2

Tools needed:
Fuse removal clip and 14 mm Torque wrench


  1. Disconnect the main negative cable on the battery
    SB 5 pic 1                                          accid and shock

    To avoid electric shock, it is recommended that the main negative lead is disconnected.
    Note, if the vehicle is fitted with a lithium battery then it is NOT necessary to disconnect the lead just push the power button on the lithium battery until the light disappears. (Push for 7 seconds) 

  2. Remove the two 5 amps fuses
    SB 5 pic 2 
    Uninstall the fuse box cover to gain access to the fuse box, remove the 2 fuses as illustrated above and install the fuses received from Garia.
  3. Finish with doing Service bulletin 7