Service Bulletin 2: Controller bolts

February 15, 2012

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: Garia Golf car MY 2010/2011 and Garia Via MY 2010

Affected VIN:

MY 2010/2011
From VIN.
AV000001 - AV000053
AU000013 -AU000477
BU000004 - BU000860

Bulletin Number



Subject: Garia A/S has discovered a defect, which can limit the vehicle's driving ability.  The defect relates to the connections on the controller. Because the screws are too long there is a risk that the wires might get loose over time, resulting in poor connection.


In order to correct it, is necessary to change the five (5) screws for the U, V, W phase and B(+) and B(-) on the Curtis motor controller. REMEMBER TO APPLY THE CORRECT TORQUE : 11 Nm

Parts Information

Parts required to complete this service action are to be obtained from Garia. Please provide the VIN number when ordering the spare parts


Download the file here