Service Bulletin 16: Wrong ring size in motor harness

June 4, 2021

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: Golf, Via, Monaco, Courtesy, Off-X, Roadster

Affected VIN:


Bulletin Number

SB 00016


Garia has discovered a issue where a range of cars have been installed with a motor power harness that has a too large ring terminal on the AC controller end of the harness.


To determine whether the right or the wrong type is installed on your car, please locate the motor harness. The motor harness is located behind the car's service hatch.

Please refer to below photos for identification of correct and incorrect motor harness.
Correct harness is to the right and incorrect harness to the left. If your car have the cable to the left, you are not affected by the issue.
If you have the right hand type installed, measure the ring size on the AC-controller end of the harness to verify if the car is affected by the issue.

right wrong harness

Motor harness ring size at AC controller end
Incorrect ring size: Approx. 8,4 mm (suitable for M8 bolt)
Correct ring size: Approx. 6,5 mm (suitable for M6 bolt)

Ring size

If a motor harness with incorrect ring size is installed, it should be replaced with a harness with correctly dimensioned ring size to avoid possible damage to other components of the car.

Parts Information

The spare part required for this repair must be ordered directly from Garia.
When ordering, present the VIN number of the car, Garia will then ship 1x G2190203305 to you free of charge.


Function numbers to be used: 

GSTG no. 1529 - Service bulletin 16: Replace Harness, Motor power

Time: 0,50 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2190203305 - Harness, Motor power
QTY / Vehicle: 1

Tools needed:

  • Socket wrench

  • Extension bar

  • 13 & 19 mm sockets

  • Hex bits sizes: 3 & 5 mm
  • Torx bit size: 30

  • Torque wrench


  1. Turn ignition key to OFF position.
  2. Lift/tilt seat base to gain access to main switch.
  3. Turn main switch to OFF position.

Steps no. 1 - 6 are for for +2 person cars only. If your car is a 2 or 4 person car, proceed directly to step no. 7.

  1. Lift up the +2 seat base to gain access to the storage compartment.
  2. Remove carpet.
  3. Remove both LH and RH bolts by using the 19 mm wrench and extension bar.
  4. Remove the 4x screw placed over the bumper trim by using the 3 mm hex bit.
  5. Remove the bolt for the +2 persons' seat belt buckles holder (bottom green circle) using the 19 mm socket. If the car is street legal and equipped with seat belts, loosen the nut on the seat belt buckles holder (top green circle) using the 19 mm socket.
  6. The whole +2 seat base assembly can now carefully be pulled out from the rear of the car.
  7. Remove service hatch by unscrewing the 2x bolts using the 5 mm hex bit.servicehatch
  8. Service hatch cover can now be tilted slightly backwards and lifted straight up. You can now access the motor harness.
    servicehatch removed
  9. Locate the end of the motor harness that is connected to the AC controller. Gently slide one of the rubber protective boots away so that the screw is accessible. Remove the screw by using the Torx 30 bits.
  10. Measure the ring size to verify whether you have the correct or incorrect ring size installed on the motor harness.
  11. If correct ring size is installed, fasten the end of the motor harness to the AC controller by torqueing the T30 screw to 12 Nm. Slide rubber boot in place over connector.
  12. If incorrect ring size is installed on motor harness it, slide the remaining 2 rubber boots on motor harness AC controller connections away and remove the 2 remaining screws using the Torx 30 bits. Slide all 3 rubber boots on motor connectors away and remove the 3x nuts using the 13mm socket.
  13. Install the new motor harness. Make sure that the end with 6,5 mm ring size is going to the AC controller and the end with 8,5 mm ring size is going to the motor.
  14. Torque the 3 screws on AC controller to 12 Nm using the T30 bit and the 3 nuts on the motor connections to 23 Nm using the 13 mm socket. Slide all 6 rubber boots into place making sure that the connections are correctly covered by the boots.
  15. Reinstall the removed parts in opposite order as removed and torque all bolts and nuts accordingly.
  16. Perform a test drive to verify that the vehicle drives flawless.