Service Bulletin 15: Bolt interfering with brake pipe

September 21, 2020

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: Golf 2, 2+2, VIA 4, 4+2, Monaco 4, Courtesy 4, 4+2

Affected VIN:

Only non OFF-X cars on steel chassis manufactured from November 1st 2019 -> September 21st 2020 can be affected of the issue.

Bulletin Number



Garia has discovered a potential issue where the top bolt of the panhard rod can interfere with the rear right brake pipe when the car is driven with heavy loads at high speeds in rough terrain.

This issue is related to a new revision of the rear RH brake pipe that has a new routing over the motor. Over time, movement of the rear axle can cause the bolt to damage the brake pipe. As a result, leakage of brake fluid and loss of rear axle brake power can occur.


To prevent potential damages to the RH rear brake pipe, we strongly recommend that the top bolt of the Panhard rod is installed in opposite direction, so that the head of the bolt is facing driving direction of the car.

Incorrect orientation of bolt

Correct orientation of bolt

Parts Information

No spare parts are needed for this preventive action.

If rear RH brake pipe is showing signs of scuffing/damage, caused by the bolt, it must be replaced and the brake system must be bled.

Brake pipe is only to be replaced if installed brake pipe is damaged!

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2125600801 - Brake pipe rear RH asm
QTY / Vehicle: 1

DOT 4 brake fluid to bleed and top-up brake fluid container
QTY / Vehicle: xxx ml


Instruction for accomplishment:

Time: 0.25 hours (not including potential brake pipe replacement and bleeding).

 Tools needed:

  • Socket wrench
  • 17 mm & 19 mm socket
  • 2x 19 mm wrenches
  • Torque wrench
  • Torx bits sizes: 25 & 45
  • Polygrip pliers


  1. Turn ignition key to off
  2. Lift car correctly

INSTRUCTIONS FOR reversing Panhard rod top bolt orientation 

  1. Remove the LH rear wheel using the socket wrench with the 17 mm socket head.
  2. Remove LH rear mud guards held in place by 2x bolts using the Torx 45 bits.
  3. Loosen the rear part of the LH rear wheel arch liner by removing the 3x screws, shown below, using the Torx 25 bits.

LH WAL screws

4. The Panhard rod top bolt can now be loosened by using 2x 19 mm wrenches. To ensure enough room for pulling out the bolt, the bottom left corner of the rear panel must carefully be pulled out approx 2.5 cm / 1 inch.
5. Install the bolt, 2 pcs. of washers and nut in opposite direction as removed. Bolt head is to face driving direction of the car.
Torque the bolt to 80 Nm using the 19 mm wrench together with 19 mm socket on the torque wrench.

It can be helpful to use polygrip pliers to align the Panhard rod bushing, making it easier to remove/install the bolt. Do not alter the tension of the Panhard rod.


The preventive work has now been carried out and the car can be assembled in opposite direction as described above.

Tighten and torque the wheel nuts in cross pattern to 120 Nm using the 17 mm socket on the torque wrench.