Service Bulletin 14: Parking Brake Connector/Wire Failure

June 12, 2020

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: All Models From FEB 2020 until JUNE 12, 2020.

Affected VIN:

Model year 2020 (L) delivered from February to June 2020.


Bulletin Number

SB 00014


Garia has discovered a potential failure where the cable for the brake unit connector can fail. This can cause the parking brake to engage, resulting in stuttering or a sudden stop of the vehicle.


First step:

On some vehicles the wiring loom that contains the connector for the electric parking brake can be fixed too tight to ensure enough clearance for the movement of the motor when driving the vehicle at higher speeds on bumpy surfaces. Over time, this can potentially cause the wire/connector for the parking brake to fail.

To prevent unwanted engagement of the parking brake, we recommend to check that the wiring harness is fixed as close to the right hand crossmember as possible, ensuring enough space to clear the motor. Please refer to example below.


Please also verify that there is enough slack in the wire for the parking brake, so that full movement of the rear beam and engine is possible without stressing the wires.

Second step:

Locate the electric parking brake installed at the end of the motor and follow the two wires to the connector assembly. Disconnect the parking brake connector by pressing the tap on located the plug on the vehicle harness.


Inspect the insulation of the wires for visible damages. Hold the the parking brake plug firmly and give the two wires a solid pull one after the other to ensure that they still are firmly connected to the connector pins in the plug.


When the wiring harness is correctly fixed and if the wires doesn't come loose, your vehicle will not be affected by the issue. You can reconnect the parking brake plug again.

If the wires have physical signs of damage, or they detaches from the plug housing, we recommend that the complete parking brake unit is replaced the ensure trouble-free operation of the vehicle. Please contact us at with VIN-number of the affected vehicle so that we can supply you with a replacement parking brake unit.


Parts Information

The spare parts required for this repair must be ordered directly from Garia.
When ordering, present the VIN of the vehicle, Garia will then ship part free of charge.


Instruction for accomplishment:

Function numbers to be used: 

GSTG Nr XXXX - XXervice bulletin : ??? 

Time: 0,25 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2110100200 - Electromagnetic parking brake
QTY / Vehicle: 1 

Tools needed:

Torque wrench
5mm Hex Bit
Cable ties



  1. Turn ignition key off.
  2. Turn main switch off.

Please follow the instructions below when replacing the parking brake unit:

  1. Notice the orientation of the parking brake.
  2. Remove the 4 pcs. of M6x30 bolts and M6 washers using a 5mm Hex Bit. The parking brake unit can now be pulled of the engine.
  3. Install the replacement parking brake unit in the same orientation as the removed unit.
  4. Install 4 pcs. of M6x30 bolts and M6 washers. Torque the bolts to 12 Nm in cross pattern using a suitable torque wrench.
  5. Connect the parking brake plug to the vehicle harness and verify that the wiring harness is correctly fixed along the right hand crossmember.

The potential issue is now solved and the vehicle is ready for trouble-free operation.


Final instructions;

  • Remove the customers "Quick guide and service book" from the storage net located under the bonnet (if missing please ask the customer for the book). Under the notes section please document the following information. "Service bulletin SB 14- Parking brake Connector Wire Failure, Dealer Name, Technician initials, Date performed."