Service Bulletin 12: Headlamp fuse keeps blowing

February 24, 2020

Type: Service Bulletin

Affected Models: All Models with license plate light

Affected VIN:

All VIN's with license plate light.

Bulletin Number

SB 00012


Garia has identified a problem with the rear license plate light that can make the headlight fuse blow.


Create clearance in the rear license plate light housing between the positive terminal on the jumper wire

Parts Information


Instruction for accomplishment:

Function numbers to be used: 

1528 - Service bulletin 12 - Headlight fuse keeps blowing.
Time: 0.2hrs

**Warranty only to be claimed when the repair is being made due to a defect in material or workmanship. If this is due to a collision or outside influence repair should be charged to the customer.**

Spare parts required:

No spare parts needed

Tools needed:

Fuse removal clip from side of fuse box
Phillips screwdriver

Small flat headed screwdriver or pick



Note: Remove headlight fuse before proceeding.

  1.  Remove the two phillips screws that hold the rear license plate light cover on.1

  2. You will have two wires coming from the car through the handrail to power the light. Blue is 12V positive and black is negative.
  3. The blue wire connects to the terminal on the driver side light bulb holder and feeds to the
    passenger side bulb through a small black wire.

  4. Inspect to see if the positive terminal for the driver side light bulb is making contact with the
    metal housing. As you can see in the picture below the positive terminal on the jumper wire is
    contacting the metal housing and causing a short to ground. Thus blowing the fuse.

  5. If there is contact use a small screwdriver or pick to create clearance. Be sure to remove the headlamp fuse prior to adjusting. 

  6.  Once you have created clearance reinstall the fuse and test drive to confirm repair.