Recall Bulletin 1: 30A fuse upgrade kit

January 7, 2020

Type: Recall Bulletin

Affected Models: All Models until september 11, 2019

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

RB 0001


The Bulletin is updated 31-01-2020

Garia has discovered an amp draw concern with fuse 14. 
This fuse, although rated for its use, has proven to get very warm. Garia suspects that this happens due to poor connection in the terminals
Replacing mini fuse 14 (30amp) located in the fuse box under the bonnet with an external Midi style fuse will correct this concern.  

This recall replaces Service Bulletin 7. If Service bulletin 7 has been carried out on the vehicle no further action is required.

Please check that Service bulletin 5 is completed or else do Service bulletin 5 also.

fuse mini medi


The F14 mini fuse needs to be replaced with a 30A midi fuse & holder, outside the fuse box.

Inspect cars to see if bulletin applies.:

1) Inspect cars to see if there is a fuse in the fusebox place F14 - If there is no fuse in F14, the Recall bulletin do not apply your car.
See example 1 
2) Check to see if there is an external fuse on the left bottom side of the fuse box, see picture, if there is, the recall bulletin does not apply.
Se example 2
Please check that Service bulletin 5 is completed or else do Service bulletin 5 also. 

Fuse box examples 
Example 1 
Do not apply to the bulletin (Picture below)                                                                                              

 2010 Fuse Box 

 Do apply to the bulletin (Picture below).

fusebox 2012

Example 2
The Recall bulletin 1 do not apply since the upgrade has been done. 
You are looking for this : External fuse with bracket


Parts Information

The spare parts required for this repair must be ordered directly from Garia.
When ordering, present the VIN of the vehicle, Garia will then ship the 30A midi fuse & holder free of charge.

Please order here:

EMEA:  Remember to include VIN numbers

U.S. Remember to include VIN numbers


Instruction for accomplishment:

Function numbers to be used: 

R1525 - Recall bulletin 0001: 30A fuse upgrade kit
Time: 0,20 hours
R1525-1 - Recall bulletin 0001: 30A fuse upgrade kit No action needed. 
Time: 0,10 hours

Spare parts required:
Part number: G2190210800 - Charger fuse assembly G21
QTY / Vehicle: 1  

Tools needed:

Fuse removal clip from side of fuse box
14 mm socket wrench if car is with Lead acid battery. 
Torque wrench
Torx 30
Wire stripper
Cable shoe plier / wire crimper
Heating gun


  1. Turn ignition key to on, and open front bonnet.
  2. Turn ignition key off.
  3. Raise seat cushion and turn main power switch off.  
  4. Lead acid battery: Disconnect the main negative cable from the battery
    Lithium battery: It is NOT necessary to disconnect the negative cable on the battery
    Push the power button on the lithium battery until the light disappears. (Push for 7 seconds) 
    lead cable  accid and shock


  5. Uninstall the fuse box cover to gain access to the fuse box

  6. Remove the 4 bolts holding the fuse box to the fuse box bracket. (Torx 30)

  7. Remove the upper block of relays/fuses by activating/release the 2 pins in the side and push the set back wards.

    SB 6 pic 2
    With the upper block of relays/fuses loose from the frame, turn the fuse box 90 degrees (from vertical to horizontal) to get more working space
  8. Locate the two red 4 mm2 wires going to fuse F14 and cut the wires as close as possible to the fusebox 
    SB 06 3  

    SB 06 4  
  9. Reinstall the upper block of relays/fuses into the frame
  10. Strip the 2 cut wires, about  1/4" (6 mm)
     SB 06 8

  11. : Use proper sized cable shoe pliers to crimp the supplied connectors to the supplied Midi fuse/holder).

    SB 06 9 
  12.  Use a heat gun to seal the heat shrink connectors. 
    SB 06 10
  13. Route the connected wire behind the fuse box exiting through the bottom.
    bracket 2
  14. Using only the top two screws reinstall fuse box onto bracket loosely, leaving the lower screws to accommodate the Midi fuse holder - See picture . 
     bracket 1
  15. Install the last of the 4 screw holding the fusebox and bracket.
  16. Tighten the 4 screws to the right torque (Torx 30)
    torque reqried
    12 Nm / 9 ft Lbf. 
  17. Remove fuse F14 with the fuse removal tool* and discard.
    See picture 
    *Yellow plastic tool on the side.
    Fuse 30
  18. If Service bulletin 5 and Recall bulletin 0001 is completed, then install the new "Fuse box schematics" inside the fuse box lid.

  19. Install the lid back on to the fusebox.
  20. Lithium : Turn on the power for the battery by pressing the button on battery for 2 second to turn back on
    Lead Acid :Reconnect the negative lead on the battery terminal
     lead cable  accid and shock
  21. Tighten the nut with the correct torque.

    Use a 14mm Socket wrench and a small Torque wrench

    torque reqried
    12 Nm / 9 ft Lbf. 
  22. Turn the main switch back on.
  23. Remove the customers "Quick guide and service book" from the storage net located under the bonnet (if missing please ask the customer for the book). Under the notes section please document the following information. "Recall bulletin RB 0001 - 30A fuse upgrade kit, Dealer Name, Technician initials, Date performed."