Policy bulletin 9: Transmission oil plug

June 25, 2013

Type: Policy Bulletin

Affected Models: Golf car MY 2010-2011

Affected VIN:

Bulletin Number

PB 000009


Garia A/S has discovered that some cars can be leaking oil from the ventilated oil plug on the transmission housing.

It can be resolved by replacing the oil plug to a new improved type.


1. Check location of oil leak
If oil drips from the bottom of the transmission housing (1) the leak can originate from the oil plug on top of the housing.
Look at the top of the housing. If it has moisture and / or dust that smell like oil, the plug should be replaced with the new type (2).


If the rear end of the vehicle is not disassembled, the top of the housing can be checked from underneath with a dry towel and/or a mirror.

Parts Information

The following parts are required to carry out the replacement

Part number: G2111100900 - Oil tube for rear axle, short, QTY/Vehicle: 1
Part number: G2111101000 - Oil plug, 100 mb valve, QTY/Vehicle: 1
Part number: G1199202400 - Oil extension gasket, QTY/Vehicle: 1

Parts required to complete this action are to be obtained directly from Garia. Please provide VIN-number of the affected Golf Car when ordering the spare parts.


Function numbers to be used
1411 - Policy bulletin 9: Transmission oil plug

Time: 0,30 hours

1. Accessing the oil plug
Take apart the rear end floor of the vehicle to ensure easy acces to the oil plug on the transmission housing.


2. Disassembly
The installed oil plug can be of different types.
For example 1, use 21 mm wrench.
For example 2, use 20 mm wrench.


Before removing the old plug, clean the surrounding area for sand and dirt.
Turn the oil plug counterclockwise to loosen.

3. Cleaning
Before installing the new plug, clean the mating surface on the transmission housing to ensure a tight seal.


4. Assembly
Prepare the new parts and install the oil tube with the gasket in place.

Oil plug Assembly

Use 20 mm wrench to fasten, but make sure not to over-tighten the oil tube.

Install the oil plug. Make sure it fit tightly. Hand tighten only!

Oil plug

The oil plug is now replaced.
The rear end of the car can be reassembled again.