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Garia 2+2 Specifications

Craftsmanship to automotive industry standards. The Garia 2+2 is available either as a Golf Car, Via, Monaco or Roadster. It also comes with the same choices of body and seat colors. 

Upgrades are subject to model except for the below upgrades which are available for all models:

  • Built-in refrigerator
  • Floor mat
  • Car cover


  • Overall length, approx. 2650 mm / 104.6"
  • Width, height and ground clearance, same as other models, see below for model specific links. 

Seat measurements, approx.

  • Width: 87 cm /34"
  • Height (to ceiling): 95 cm /37"
  • Length: 40 cm /16"

Weight and max load capacity

  • 150 kg / 330 lbs
  • The Garia 2+2 rear kit adds 15 kg to existing car weight

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If you have questions regarding specifications or other technical issues, please contact sales@garia.com