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Want to Become a Garia Dealer?

As a Garia dealer you become part of an exclusive network of Garia dealers around the world. You become a dealer of a unique high quality product, a luxury golf car manufactured to automotive industry standards. Through our interactive website, worldwide campaigns and a strong marketing strategy, our goal is to drive in a large part of the customers directly to the Garia dealers.

We believe that the dealers who meet these few fundamental parameters will be successful in selling the Garia golf car:

  • That you are already a dealer in electric vehicles.
  • That you have at least one store and showroom.
  • That you have a workshop with a service set up.

The responsibilities of Garia dealers include sales activities for private customers, golf clubs, hotels, resorts, airports and sales through sponsor deals.

As part of our commitment and dedication to our products we provide all of our dealer with support on marketing, exhibitions, events, advertising, workshops etc. As a dealer you will have access to our exclusive dealer forum, including press materials, online order form, product news etc. You will also receive technical training as well as in store material and follow-up on campaigns etc. Your contact info and website will be featured on garia.com

To be considered as a dealer, please send us a brief description of you/your company (use the below form) and the location and sales area. We will then contact you as soon as possible for further information.